The happiest 5k on the planet kicks off in Brighton on Saturday 23rd September! Yahoo!!


To help make sure you colourful people enjoy yourselves to the max, we wanted to give you some dreamy fun inspiration for how you can make your way around the course.

Whilst some of you may choose to run, others may walk. Some might crawl and others might skip. But, there will be some of you who decide to get your groove on and dance your way around the course!


Let’s provide you colourΒ runners with some inspiration….


Pop it and pout – because we see epic levels of sass around our course, especially those of you in our colorful tutus! Drench yourself in colourΒ and shine with this move!



  • Colourful Swag Stroll – You smooth mover! We promise you will look positively DREAMY! Do this in actual Color Run Swag and it will be magical!
  • dance-2-copy
  • The Egyptian Rendition. No one looks silly doing this. NO ONE.


See? Look how cool this guy looks!


  • The Colourful Carlton. Remember the 90s? Those were the days.

Alfonso Ribeiro



  • The Happy Hamster. You may not know this, but hamsters are highly regarded as the best dancers in the world. In fact, many of the most famous dancers we know have taken inspiration from the hip hamster. Imagine how cool you would look if you dance around the course like a hamster!? No. Wait. AΒ colourfulΒ hamster!


The Color Run Brighton takes place on 23rd September and it will be your perfect opportunity to dance your way around the happiest 5k on the 🌍! Make sure you and your dancing squad are there so we can all get our dance on!