1. It’s the 5K vacay you’ve been needing:  Everyone needs a good vacay once in a while, right? It’s time to treat yourself – come and skip, run and dance with us to the finish line at one of the best 5k vacay’s you’ll ever go on!
  2. The Color Run is for EVERYONE: Whether you’ve never run 5k before or are a running star, whether you’re a baby or mum, The Color Run is one size fits all! All ages, sizes and running standards are welcomed.
  3. You can run with your squad: Many of our runners do the event together for family reunions, to catch up with old friends or as a fun day out with work colleagues! Because it’s untimed, you can go at your own pace and get ready to party in the clouds with your squad.
  4. It’s the best of all the colourful races: The Color Run was the first color 5K event founded in 2012 and is now the single largest running event series in the world, making it a huge party you don’t want to miss!
  5. The Gear: Get ready for a participant kit unlike any other! With a limited edition Dream Tour race tee, embroidered headband, coloured powder packets, and a super cool temporary tattoo, you’ll really look the part.
  6. The theme is BIGGER than ever: The Color Run Dream Tour is unlike any event out there! Not only are you being blasted with colour, but you’ll also be able to go crazy in the foam for the first time ever at The Color Run! The Dream Theme will help you make your dreams a reality, and you’ll step into a world where unicorns are real, and anything is possible.
  7. The Color Run is part of an awesome family of events! The Color Run takes place all over the world, from Sydney to Chicago, and of course, right here in The UK!
  8. You’ll be happy and healthy: Whether it’s your first 5k or not, the fun atmosphere can give you a kick-start or build up your passion for a happier and healthier life.
  9. There’s an awesome after party just for you: After the race, the fun continues with an unforgettable Finish Festival. Prepare for the best post 5k party on the Planet, featuring immense ‘Color Throws’ along with DJ’s, MC’s and giveaways!
  10. It truly is the Happiest 5k on the Planet!  With the best tunes, dancing, COLOUR, selfies and of course the foam, there really is no other party like it.