On Sunday 11th June 2017 thousands joined us to take part in The Color Run London.

It was an amazing day and so much fun! We wanted to share some of our particular highlights of the day (remembering the fun we had is more fun than sitting in an office, right?)

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1) Getting pumped up in the Summer sun with loads of others, dancing to music and just letting loose!



  • 2) The magical unicorn, or Runicorn (see what they did), throwing out freebies and cheering us on!


  • “Look, guys! I’m trotting with style!” – Runicorn, 2017


  • 3) The mighty FOAM ZONE –  a party in the clouds!




4) The gorgeous stilt walkers – so darn graceful!


Great cape game.


  • 5) Seeing people enjoying themselves and making friends
  • blog-image-9


  • 6) The amazing FINISH FESTIVAL!
  • blog-london-3


  • 7) The famous color throws!
  • blog-image-11


  • 8) Glitter, bouncy castles & ice-lollies
  • london-blog-image-12


  • 9) And, of course, who doesn’t enjoy dressing up? Particularly when you look super cool in sunglasses and tutus!
  • blog-london-4



  • 10) The DJs making sure we all had a great time!
  • blog-image-13

Cool socks, bro.

We are really looking forward to doing this all over again for when Color Run comes back to Wembley Park for 2018! Except, of course, this one will be more colourful than ever!

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