You’re running your first 5k this year….Help! Our friends at Virgin Active are here to offer a reassuring arm around your shoulder to guide you towards the big day.


If you don’t know how to train for it, what you should wear, and you’re struggling with motivation to get out there and train. Panic not! Virgin Active has given us some tips to help you on your way.




Running Kit

If you want to play the part, you need to look the part! Go and visit your favourite active clothing store and pick out a few outfits that you feel fab in and which make you want to get out there and Run! My personal favourites for fun running kit are Lulu Lemon, Sweaty Betty and Nike, but there are loads of others out there, made to suit and flatter all body types, so hit the stores and find your favourite.


Running Tips

Never run for anything except the bus before? No problem. ‘Fartlek’ is the best running technique for a beginner, which is simply alternating between the 4 different speeds of walk, jog, run & sprint for a set amount of time. Move in between these 4 speeds as you progress over the weeks and you’ll notice big improvement in your running and breathing within a few weeks.

For a 20 minute fartlek workout, start off with a few minutes brisk walk and build up to intervals of jogging and running. Each time you train try to increase the amount of time you jog and run for and decrease the time you walk for…and don’t forget to add in some short 20 second sprints!


Increase your Motivation

If you’re on your own music is a great way to stay motivated. Many studies have proved the performance-boosting effects of music, so create a playlist of your favourite up-beat tracks and you’ll find that running along to these will push you through the finish line when you’re struggling.

Another way to get motivated is to run with other people. Instead of going for lunch with your work colleagues, why not go out for a jog and catch up whilst on the go instead?


So go on, get your trainers and snazzy kit and get out there and RUN!