Happy Galentines Day

Don’t sweat Valentines, let’s talk Galentines

Galentines is unofficially celebrated the day before V day, and we think it’s much more fun! It’s the perfect chance to get your best girls together, be it your friends, your mum or your coworkers and CELEBRATE!


At the happiest 5k we LOVE a chance to celebrate that’s why we’ve come up with a few suggestions of how you can make the most of this amazing day. Today is about appreciating all your best friends, tell them why you love them and perhaps do something extra special for them. We might not all have a Valentine but our closest friends are often the true loves of our lives and it’s important to thank them for supporting you through everything. There never are too many excuses to spoil your friends!


  1. Host a dinner to let everyone show off their cooking skills
  2. Do a bunch of crafts with all your girl friends. Bonus if it’s gifts for each other
  3. Throw a slumber party and do all the games you used to play in high school
  4. As soon as you all get together, gather your phones. There should be no texting tonight – especially to any significant others
  5.  If you don’t live near your girls, schedule a Skype date or text your best girls a three things you LOVE about them
  6. Learn how to dance like Beyonce and Gaga and embrace your inner artist
  7. Do something kind and make a colleague a tea or coffee

We wish you all a super sweet Galentines day and don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below how you celebrate this wonderful day