Take the strairs


How often do you take the stairs? While most of us think of exercise as ‘sport’, the scientific evidence shows it is everyday activities like walking and stair climbing that are most closely associated with improved health.

Did you know that taking the stairs can burn more calories than jogging?

If that motivates you to want to take the stairs, let’s make sure you’re doing it in the best way possible. Whether you take one or two at a time, taking the stairs makes you a heart healthy hero — but if you want to get the most bang for your calorie-burning buck, should you take one or two stairs at a time?

If you take two steps at a time, you will get a higher heart rate, but taking one step at a time actually uses more overall energy and burns more calories. Either way is great, but if you want to burn more overall calories, go for one step at a time.

Now let’s step to it! Time to climb some stairs!