Why should we choose happiness?

There are many reasons why happiness is so important, check them out below 😊

  • Feel Good Factor – happiness makes us feel good and is also fun!
  • Live Longer – happy people have been proven to live longer
  • Have Better Health – happiness is the opposite of stress, which is strongly linked to illness. So if we try to stay happy as much of the time as possible, then we’re more likely to have better health!
  • Do Good – there’s a strong link between doing good and feeling good. Doing good things, like helping others, helps us to feel good!
  • Helps Us Bounce Back Faster – happiness and being optimistic go together
  • Solve Problems Better & Faster – happiness can improve people’s ability to learn and remember things, helping us to solve problems quicker!
  • Have friends! – happiness helps us attract happy friends and establish close relationships


Comment below what makes YOU happiest?